Building Readers

We believe each student’s elementary school literacy experience is the foundation that prepares them for all school and life’s essential interactions and learning. Meeting Common Core State Standards, our literacy approach ensures exposure to and interaction with rigorous, grade-level text and tasks:

  • Reading IS comprehending and we work to make understanding the focus of our instruction.
  • Teachers focus on a developmental sequence of reading strategies to support a scholar’s path as a reader.
  • We deconstruct Common Core State Standards first, then we build daily learning objectives to help manage our scholar’s approach to mastery.
  • We use Making Meaning as a resource in our lesson planning.  This curriculum puts an emphasis on the social aspect of reading.  We add to the lessons to provide rigor and conversation each day.
  • Teachers differentiate by reading level during small group instruction each day.
  • Independent reading allows scholars to put the lessons into practice!