Request for Technology Support

Please use this form as a ticket system to get technology support.

Chromebook Sign out Sheet

Please use this form to sign out a Chromebook cart. Teachers, when you sign out a chart you are responsible for picking it up (and the keys) on the day of checkout and returning it to the lab by the end of the day you have it singed out until (unless you make other arrangements with Ms. Williams). Also, while the cart is in your possession you are responsible for all computers, headphones and mice, so please lock the cart when they are not in use and make sure your students know the importance of taking care of the hardware. On the Calendar form below please include the cart number and your name. Thank you for all your help!

Cart #1 – 16 (Chromebooks, mice and headphones)
Cart #2 – 15 (Chromebooks, mice and headphones)
Cart #3 – 16 (Chromebooks, mice and headphones)
Cart #4 – 30 (Chromebooks, mice and headphones)
Cart #5 – 30 (Chromebooks, mice and headphones)