Each school building has a special story about how it evolved over time within the community. Cheltenham’s story started as an open school concept, which was an innovative way to think about education at the time. Cheltenham Elementary first opened its doors to students in 1970 with the goal to provide the very best educational model for West Colfax’s community of families.

Today, we can still feel the heartbeat of the innovative spirit that started this beautiful school. We have the honor of building a program that will not only make our parents proud to send their children here each day, but also embodies the spirit that helped start this community school many years ago. We begin each day with the belief that we are here to serve the families that believe in Cheltenham.

Our community has grown significantly in recent years. In the spring of 2023, our neighboring school, Fairview Elementary, was closed. Fortunately, the superheroes at Cheltenham Elementary were able to welcome Fairview’s students into their school and community. Superheroes are both courageous and compassionate; when neighbors are in need, superheroes answer the call for help. 

Each school has a unique story, as does every child. Each day we set out to make sure that we deliver the message to each child that they are valued, respected and a vital part of their own success story. 

We are in the business of uncovering the superpowers that live in the hearts of our children. We are in the process of  writing the chapter of success in the special story of our school. Come and discover the superpowers that are within you!