Our Community Liaison

By June 12, 2024News

Yuri Frias serves as our community liaison, collaborating with the Cheltenham community in various roles. Recognizing the importance of holistic child development, we acknowledge the significance of family involvement. To ensure the success of each child, we believe in recognizing, listening to, and treating everyone in the child’s life with dignity and respect. Understanding that challenges arise, Ms. Yuri advocates for families and offers a range of support services. Here are some ways in which Ms. Yuri can assist you, and how you can also support the Cheltenham community:

– Referrals for clothing
– Referrals for shelter
– Assistance with Address Confidentiality Applications
– Referrals to food banks
– Access to in-house resources for food and household essentials in Cheltenham
– Connections to community resources for mental health, medical services, applying for SSDI/SSI, government assistance, and other support services

Please don’t hesitate to contact Ms. Yuri if you require assistance or if you would like to contribute to the resource bank.